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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  November 5, 2015 11:37pm-12:37am CST

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seth meyers." tonight -- daniel craig, from "the leftovers" actress, regina king, business man and tv personality, donny deutsch, featuring the 8g band with jon theodore. [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] good to hear. very good to hear. let's get to the news. dr. bebecarson's campaign today released a new 60-second radio ad that uses rap music to try to appeal to black voters. let's hear a little of that. en carson 2016 go and support ben carson for a new president and be awesome [ laughter ] >> seth: so there you have it. get out and vote for ben carson
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[ laughter and applause ] dr. ben carson said this week he would like to have a beer with jesus. when reached for comment, jejes said, "oh, i have work tomorrow." [ laughter ] love to. carson also said yesterday that he believes the pyramids were not built as tombs for ancient rulers but were constructed by the biblical joseph for grain storage. because ben carson is not afraid to say what no one was thinking. [ laughter ] [ applause ] a new report found that hillary clinton's campaign most often eats pizza for meals. while chris christie's campaign most often eats pizza for snacks. [ laughter ] former president george h.w. bush has a new biography coming out titled "destiny and power." while jeb bush has a new biography titled neithth of
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[ laughter and applause ] in response to a question asking why his cabinet is half female, newly elected canadian prime minister justin trudeau reportedly said, "because it's 2015." so basically, the same reason there'a prime minister named justin. [ laughter ] you guys know my cabinet. that's cory over there. that's kayla. she's the sex tresh. so rad, being prime minister is so rad, i'm justin. [ laughter ] the owner of the golden state warriors implied this week that he and his fiancee have involved the team's new nba championship trophy in their sex life. hey, it's not that weird. i have had lots of women give me the heisman. [ laughter and applause ] no thank you. i'll pay for my own cosmos. no thank you.
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evangelicals are up in arms after a chick-fil-a franchise donated money to a lgbt film festival in nashville. chick-fil-a defended themselves by saying, they thought lgbt stood for legs, giblets, breasts and thighs. [ laughter ] i don't know what kind of movies they thought were gonna be showing. "ccken run." [ light laughter ] according to airline experts, around 25 million passengers are expected to fly home for thanksgiving. six hours, sitting in a tiny seat, crammed bebeeen two irdos. plus, you have to fly there. [ light laughter ] [ applause ] that joke tookokbout six hours, too. [ laughter ] a video gained a lot of attention online today of a woman at a starbucks drive-thru window in florida using new
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order using sign language. for example, this is the sign for a coffee. and this is the sign for a grande half caf no foam caramel macchiato with vanilla drizzle. [ laughter andndpplause ] and finally, the huffington post has published a new article touting the health benefits of masturbation. so, yeah, you can say i've been on a real health kick lately. [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show! [ cheers and applause ] for you tonight! he is the star of f e new bond film, "spectre," daniel craig is on the show tonight. [ cheers and applause ] plays james bond. he's the one who plays james bond. also from the hbo show, "the leftovers," reginanaing stops by tonight. [ cheers and applause ] look forward to talkin' to her. and from usa networks new show "donny," donny deutsch is joining us this evening.
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it is going to be fantastic. now, moving on, voters in ohio tuesday rejected a ballot measure to make ohio the fifth and largest state in the nation to legalize marijuana. the plan was unlike any previous attempt at legalization and attracted a lot of criticism, even from pro marijuana groups. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." [ cheers and applause ] so, one of the reasons this ballot initiative got so much attention is that even though marijuana legalization is increasingly popular at a national level, ohio is a fairly conservative state. and d st of its statewide leaders are republicans. so ohio legalizing pot would kind of be like getting high in your basement with some friends and suddenly your parents come down and say, "mind if we join? i would love a toke of the old doob. [ light laughter ] we're cool." [ laughter ] but the bigger reason the ballot
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initiative was different was that it would have restricted the growth and initial sale of marijuana to just ten large companies. and those companies are the ones who paid to get the measure on the ballot in the first place. the political consultant who came up with the plan ian james wrangled together investors to bank roll a $20 million campaign, sink in n additional $20 million to buy the land and $300 million more to build facilities. that plan sounds like something you'd come up with while smoking marijuana. [ laughter ] "dude, what if we bought a bunch of land, legalized weed and then we just sold the rest of our lives? we'd make a billion dollars!" [ laughter ] except -- [ cheers and applause ] this billion-dollar plan wasn't just some pot head fantasy. it was a reality. >> they stand to make tens of millions. by one estimate, their farms will be worth $1 billion within a decade. >> seth: so with so much money at stake, the companies did everything they could to convince ohioans to support their cause up to and including buddy.
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>> the deep pocketed backers of the amendment are pulling out all the stops to get it over the finish line, incncding deploying this guy, buddy, a pro legalization mascot with a green marijuana bud for a head. [ laughter ] >> seth: and if you want prove that buddy was the brain child of corporate branding g d not actual pot smokers, check out the wash board abs. [ laughter ] "dude, we could blaze and then do a thousand crunches. or a thousand nestle crunches." also, you know what you call a weed smoker with abs? a narc. but buddy wasn't the only public face of the pro legalization campaign. there was another famous and very surprising celebrity involved who stood to make millions if the measure had passed. >> former 98 degrees star nick lachey is one of the investors who could potentially win big,g,ecoming a top weed kingpin. >> seth: that's right. nick lachey would be a weed kingpin. [ laughter ] he's basically the new
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walter white, except his product is legal, and the only chemistry he knows about is romantic chemistry. [ applause ] >> seth: oh, yeah. i'm gonna need some weed if i have to listen to that but even groups that a a usually in favor of marijuana legalization were deeply skeptical of this measure. because it would have actually written into the ohio constitution that ten companies that would have been exclusively allowed to cultivate marijuana essentially creating a state sanctioned cartel. in fact, noted weed enthusiast willie nelson said they're trying to monopolize it all. that ain't right. and when you've lost willie nelson on the weed issue and not just because he wandered off -- [ laughter ] it's time to rethink your strategy. this is a man, after all, who once gave the best answer ever about smoking weed. >> are you smoking more or less
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[ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. i think that's about right. a lot of people in ohio voted d against legalizing marijuana. they voted for another ballot initiative that would prevent monopolies from ing inserted into the state constitution. so, now if marijuana is legalized in every state, everyone can share in the profits, which is gogo, because sharing is the core principle of smoking weed. this has been "a closer look." [ cheers and applause ] we'll be rig back with more "late night"! welcome to the most social car we've ever designed. the 2015 nissan murano.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody. now, i know this is painful for some of you. last weekend the mets lost the world series in game five. it was a heart-breaking time for a lot of new yorkers. but it also got me to thinking. you know, i'm getting older now, and sometimes look around me and i don't even recognize the world i'm livin' in. [ light laughter ] things are changin' every day. and it's not always for the better. and i'd like to take some time to t tk about how things w we -- wellllthey were just a little bit more simple. [ laughter ] back in my day -- [ cheers and applause ]
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lost the world series. well, call me old fashioned, but back in my day new yorkers weren't getting their hearts brbren by the mets in october. back then, you only had to wait until mid july. [ laughter ] it had gave you more time to grieve before the fall, when you could start getting disappointed all over again by the new york jets. [ laughter and applause ] now, back in my day, there was no such thing as airbnb. you wanted to go on vacation and stay at someone's house, you called up your relatives and took over their living room for two long weeks. sure, the couch hurt your back and the bathroom door didn't lock, so your nana walked in on you playing with your jimmy john. [ laughter ] d well, you were nevev able to look her in the eye again. [ light laughter ] but the important thing was, it was free. isn't that right, rusty? [ bark ] aw, could have used one of those barks to warn me that nana was walking into the bathroom. [ light laughtht ] and now scientists are saying
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there's evidence that bacon causes cancer. well, back in my day, we knew bacon was bad for you. we just didn't have enough proof to stop eating it. [ light laughterer and we stillllon't! sorry, cancer, but you're going to have to get in line behind heart disease and diabetes. because as long as we have things to wrap bacon around or stuff inside, we're gonna keep eating it. [ laughter and applause ] [ laughter ] back in my day, we didn't have jeb bushshunning for president with the slogan "jeb can fix it." no, sir! back then we just had jeb exclamation point. the exclamation point stood for, "this isn't goin' well! somebody's gotta fix this!" [ laughter ] you know what they say: like
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[ laughter ] back in my day, we didn't have no highfalutin apple watch. no, sir. if you wanted to look like a douche bag in public, you had to wear a bluetooth headset. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] the blinking blue light let everyone know you're a massive tool. [ light laughter ] plus, you had boththands free to point at yourself and say, "who is the worst? this guy." [ laughter ] back in my day, we didn't have e. coli scares shutting down our chipotle restaurants. if we wanted to unleash a fiery hell storm on our bathroom, we'd eat regular, bacteria-free chipotle and just let nature run its courur. [ laughter ] hey, someone's in here nana. [ bark ] oh, late again, rusty.
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[ laughter ] got your tongue, girl! [ laughter ] back in my day, we didn't have epic fail videos on youtube. you wanted to see some dip [ bleep ] fall down and crack his head, you got high with your friend ricky. [ laughter%] well, you just dared him to jump from the top of the car port into the swimming pool. and then later, if you wanted to share it with your friends, all you had to do was point across the cafeteria to where ricky was trying to carry tray while strugglin' with his crutches. [ laughter ] ] and finally, back in my day, there wasn't a movie called "33" about chilean miners stuck in the ground. because they were still do there. [ light laughter ] well, it just would be rude to start makin' a movie about it. [ laughter ] well, you know, folks. i'm really sorry i had to ramble on like that.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. and give it up for the 8g band. how are you guys? [ cheers and applause ] wonderful to see you. also, he's been laying it down on the drums all week for us. from queens and the stone age, jon ththdore. jon, thank you so much for spending time with us again. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> seth: please come back soon. everybody, our first guest is a very talented actor who returns to the role of jamam bond in "spectct", the 24th installment in theheconic film franchise. let's take a look. [ engine revving ] >> seth: please welcome to the show, daniel craig!
12:00 am
>> seth: so happy you're here! [ cheers and applause ] now, i don -- i don't want to put too much pressure on this, but if this interview -- if this ininrview goes well, your movie might do very well in the box office. >> is that right? [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, that's what everybody's saying. >> good, good. >> seth: hey, i'm watching that clip -- do you now have a false sense of what a good driver you are, because of being in these movies? [ laughter ] >> i have a very g gd sense of how bad a driver i im. >> seth: yeah. so in reality, if you were driving it would be very possible that someone else might pass you on the highway. you don't drive that fast. i would imagine passing -- >> not many people pass me on the highway. [ light laughter ] >> seth: no? >> no. >> okay. >> seth: i i very good at going in a straight line very fast. >> seth: so you do drive fast. >> yeah. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> i mean, a little. [ light laughter ] >> seth: what do you drive in
12:01 am
real life -- >> obviously with in the`speed limit. >> seth: can i guess? can i guess what you drive in real life? a kia. >> yeah. [ light laughter ] how did you gueses >> seth: do you get so much free stuff for playing james bond? >> no, nothing -- >> seth: you have to. >> nothing is free. you don't get anything free. >> seth: you are never going to have to buy a watch again in your life. >> well, that's true. [ laughter ] >> seth: i'll tell you this, i'll give you $1 million if i evev see you looking arorod a [ bleep ] watch store. [ laughter ] no way. like, "oh, this looks nice. yeah, i might get this one." >> i was out today looking at watches actually. >> seth: were you really? >> i was! >> seth: well, all right, i take it back. [ laughter ] hey, before -- i didn't see you thehe, though. so i'm not paying upup >> i have pictures. >> seth: well, if there's pictures i guess i do have to pay you. [ light laughter ] i want to -- before we talk about bond, i want to talk about one of your early roles. because when i saw this, i was so delighted. because you had played bond first. this is a film -- not a film, a television series you did back in england i guess mid '90s. >> mid '90s, yeah. >> seth: "our friends in the north." [ scattered cheers ] and some people here have actually seen it. because this is not a dude who looked like he would grow up to play james bond. [ laughter ]
12:02 am
that is -- that is really -- [ cheers and applause ] >> i mean -- seth: that is a creret to you as an n tor, that you can play this guy and james bond. there is not -- can i guess that there wasn't a huge budget for wigs on this show? >> no. [ laughter ] no, that's my real hair. >> seth: that's your real hair? >> yeah, honestly. >> seth: do you remember -- this is also -- 'cause i think james bond is one of the coolest names in cinema. do you remember this character's name? >> geordie peacock. >> seth: geordie peacock. [ laughter ] you were a great -- you were as good of a james bond -- >> did you see it? >> seth: i did. i saw it. i watched the e ole thing. >> well -- >> seth: i'm drawnwno that kind of thing. [ light laughter ] i'm drawn to, like, northern english politics. >> about the labor party. >> seth: about the labor party. so this is -- what your fourth bond film.m. >> yep. >> seth: your last bond film. >> i don't know. >> seth: you don't know. >> i don't know. what do you think? >> seth: i think i'd love to play it. >> good. [ laughter ] okay. >> seth: as soon as i know your intentions, i want to get in there and audition. >> all right, well, the oducers are right baba there. >> seth: okay, great. 'cause i would love it. >> as soon as this is over, we should go sit down. >> seth: okay. only thing is, i can't drink a
12:03 am
martini without some cranberry juice in it. [ laughter ] or else i just get a super hangover the next day. so, i think it'd be like, "i want a martini on n e rocks with, like, half the vodka you usually have and the rest cranberry juice. and only one. don't let me order another one." [ laughter ] >> seth, seth, seth. no. >> seth: no? >> no, it's just not going to work. >> seth: okay. >> it's really not gonna work. >> seth: i think you're sayingng that, because you don't want t t next bononto be a better bond. [ laughter ] you know -- >> that might be true. >> seth: i think that's it. >> that might be true. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: 'cause you could really -- you could point the finger, and the next guy you point the finger could be bond. >> i get to say -- like, what do you mean? like, "it's you." >> seth: yeah. or, like, you know -- i'm just saying, will you think about it? >> okay. >> seth: that i like. this is a real bond move you're doing. >> this is what you have to learn to do, though. >> seth: this is good. >> this is a good move. >> seth: okay, great. i can't tie my own t ts. is that a problem? [ laughter ] >> you can't? >> seth: no, i have like a staff that does it. is that a problem for the movie? [ laughter ] i mean, i can, it's just this part's longer. [ laughter ] >> you're losing this job. >> seth: okay, you know what, you're right. i shouldn't talk about it. i should just let my face and
12:04 am
everything else about me do the work. [ light laughter ] i have to say, because bond has historically been known, obviously, as a real ladies' mama and d is film, what i like about this film, the women in it also very strong characters. >> yeah. >> seth: is that something that was nice to work with? >> yeah. obviously, from -- i mean, i don't really know any other way doing it. i mean, you want to attract the most talented actresses you can for the role. >> seth: right. >> you've got to give them a good part. and i just think that it's much nicer to see him, james bond, go up against people, whether it's the female or male character. there should be some -- you know, a little bit of -- you know, friction. >> seth: toughness there. it is nice. i do -- because, i feel like, obviously you're a wonderful actor. you're a serious actor. when you go on to play other roles, i'm worried -- here's the thing i'm worried about. that you -- >> you shouldn't be worried. >> seth: no, just about this -- >> don't be worried. [ laughter ] no, really, don't be wried. >> seth: i'm not big worried, but -- >> don't be worried. >> seth: but it's small. [ laughter ] >> don't be wowoied. it's going to be okay. >> seth: you think it's gonna be okay? >> it's gonna be okay. >> seth: i want to see this guy again. [ laughter ] >> see?
12:05 am
see? [ laughter ] >> seth: don't -- here's the thing, i feel like you're going to look at scripts and you're gonna say, "i think it's really weird, because in the first scene when i meet a lady, she doesn't sleeeewith me right away." because i feel like james bond, ladies sleep with him right away. >> yeah. >> seth: and i'm just warning you as an actor, you're going to go into other movies -- >> you tnk i'm gonna be -- i'm going to find that difficult? >> seth: yeah, i just think you're going to say, "hey, i don't want to tell you guys how to direct the movie --" >> what if i'm doing a movie, and i'm hahang a relationship with a guy. i mean, that's like, that might happen. >> seth: that might happen. >> yeah. >> seth: right away, first scene. >> yeah. >> seth: all right. [ laughter ] although you know, really -- >> yeah? >> seth: i've watched bond, it's always the second scene. the first t ene, the girl is always like, "no thank you, mr. bond." [ light laughter ] and then it's the second scene. >> this is the part you should [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: better luck next time. >> i can't look at that. i really can't look at that. >> seth: you know how i managed to do it? i was picturing you looking like this. [ laughter ] one of the most iconic photos of
12:06 am
you as james bond -- i have so many pictures over here. this is a real -- this is full hunk star right there. and, um, that's a -- [ cheers and applause ] yeah. but now, what i like about this is this is not like a planned moment. this was pretty accidental. >> the water was just -- [ laughter ] it was -- you know, in the bahamas, it's beautiful. but it goes out for a mile and it's this deep. that's why it's so nice to be there. >> seth: right. you can't drown. >> so in the scene, i'm sort of pretending to swim, because it's crazy. and you're thinking, "okay. how does this work?" and thth i have to stand up. the water is at my knees. [ laughter ] that's how the shot came out. >> seth: i like that. >> so it was pure accident. >> seth: i like that children are watching james bond, like "mommy, why is that man swimming in a foot of water?" [ laughter ] >> not a good look. but it's in the movie. >> seth: so next year you're going back to the stage. you're doing a "othello" with david oyelowo, which is very exciting. a wonderful actor, as well. >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: is it exciting to go back to stage?
12:07 am
>> oh, i mean, it's terrifying, because iago, which is who i'm playing in "othello", is -- i thk it's the biggest part in shakespeare. there is lots of lines. [ laughter ] >> seth: a lot of lines, and let's be honest, james bond, not a lot of lines. [ laughter ] >> no. which i keep it deliberately like that. >> seth: it's great. >> better that way. >> seth: because i was -- in james bond movies, it's always someone else telling him everything. either the b b guys telling him theieiplan or it's the lady being like, "no, thank you, james bond." remember this? [ laughter ] >> don't do that. please. >> seth: so this is good. i'm very happy that you're gonna have to put yourself through this, and actually have to do some work. [ laughter ] i'm just saying. i just want you to know, this is an off-broadway production. >> will you come see it? >> seth: i'm gonna come see it. but i need to let you know, no free watches on shakespeare. >> free rapiers. >> seth: you get a free rapier. but, look, if f is is or if this isn't the last bond for you, you've been a fantastic james bond. i just really truly -- [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you very much. >> seth: you really have. vitalized the franchise. and thank you.
12:08 am
it's a really nice watch. got a good one. thank you so much for being here. i really appreciate it. [ cheers and applause ] daniel craig, everybody! "spectre" is in theaters and imax tomororw. 'll be right back with regina king. [ cheers and applause ] alaska. finally. the search for brown bears begins. denali highway. low on gas. pit stop. fill up. double points. yep, that's cold. tired. day 2. coffee. eggs. double points. beautiful. majestic... nothing. where are yoyo bear? warm. warmer. warmer. yes. wherever the journey takes you, carry american express gold. it's more than a card.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. you know our next guest from her work in films like "boys n the hood," "jerry maguire," and "ray," and her emmy-award-winning role in t t critically-acclaimed tv series, "american crime." she's currently starring in an hbo show, "the leftovers," which airs sunday nights at 9:00. let's take a look. >> that man that you beat the [ bleep ] out of this morning,
12:12 am
hehehinks it's because h hwas seseing our water. >> no, he was telling lies. >> then why did you take his palm print? because i seem to recall there being one being left on the car that our daughter disappeared from. let's just call this what it is. >> what is it? >> you need to hit people because you need to hit people. >> seth: please welcome to the show, regina king. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome, i'm so happy to have you here. [ cheers and applause ] i am so happy to bebeere. >> s sh: now, i want to congratulate you. you won an emmy this year. >> i did. i did. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: you won an emmy for "american crime." and you had something lovely happen which is
12:13 am
taraji p. henson, who's a friend of yours -- >> who actctlly presented -- >> seth: she was presenting the category. is there anything before she said your name that gave away that she was excited you were the winner? >> it did. she did one little thing. she opened it up and went -- [ gasp ] and my heart went -- [ gasp ] "it's me! it's really me!" [ laughter ] >> seth: that's nice. so you had an extra half second to think about your speech. >> an extra half a second, yeah. >> s sh: here's a lovely photo of you guys. it's always nice to see friends out there. >> mouths is wide open. [ laughter ] >> seth: mouths wide open. >> both of our mothers are probably like, "you could have shut your mouths." >eth: "you won an emmmm keep your mouth closed. do it with your eyes." now, this is also very nice. you brought your son to the emmys. and look at this handsome fellow, obviously enying himself. i mean it must be fun -- >> yes, we enjoyed ourselves.. >> seth: did you have fun? what was it like having your son as a date to the emmys? >> you know, it was special because he was actually with me when i found out i was
12:14 am
>> so it was full circle. he seemed to -- when he found out that i was nominated, he was in the backseat. he was actually a p.a. on "the leftovers." >> seth: okay, great. >> and he goes "about time!" anani'm like, "oh, he's rooting fofome." then to cut to however many weeks or months later, to see him in the audience and just have that moment with him -- >> seth: t tt's really lovely. now -- i ask because you have a few things in common with your son that most people don't. you guys got matching tattoos? is this true? >> yes, yes. >> seth: so when did this come about, and what inspired the idea? >> during g s senior year of high school, he said, "mom, you know, we should get matching tattoos." and i said, "sure! yeah, we should!" [ light laughter ] and then we are getting close to time for himimo go -- >> seth: were you excited because your son wanted to do something cool with you? 'cause that, i would imagine -- >> you know, i did think it was kind of coolut i just thought it would --
12:15 am
>> seth: go away. >> yeah. so h hs talking about it and he said, "before i go to college. before i leave." "sure." so i was working on "american crime," and it's coming close to that day that's time to drive e m to college, and he goes, "mom, we got to make the schedule." i said, "you know, i'm working on 'american crime.' covering up the tattoo, i already started shooting." he said, "you're playing a muslim. that's not going to fly here. you can cover it up. you can get a tattoo." >> seth: so you did it? >> yeah, so we did it. and i'm so glad we did because it's that special bond between the two of us. we gototattoos that mean "unconditional love." >> seth: that's wonderful. >> i got the cool mom award. >> seth: the only reason i wouldn't do that with my mom is i wouldn't want her to see me cry like a b by again, because i'm pretty sure i would do that if i got a tattoo. >> what tattoo would you and your mom get? >> seth: i don't know. she would probably want a tattoo of my brother's name.
12:16 am
[ laughter ] i would say, "don't do that in front of me. we're in the tattoo parlor. do that on your own time." so, i have a question. you are someone who has had such a long career. you've been in so many different projects. what's the thing people recognize you the most from? >> you know, i'm pretty lucky that i've had a pretty full career, so there are a lot of things. i guess probably more than anything, "the boondocks," "j"jry maguire," "boys n the hood," probably "american crime." but the funny thing is, i could never figure out what a person knows me from when they come up to me. they're just happy to see me and i'm like, "oh, look at you, you've probably seen 'jerry maguire.'" >> seth: sure, that's a good bet. >> so men of a lighter persuasion -- [ laughter ] >> seth: sure, sure. tom cruise was in it. he was "top gun"! >> so, i actually had a guy, 50-year-old white dude come up
12:17 am
to mand he's like, "regina king!" i'm, like, "jerrrrmaguire." "how stella got her groove back." [ laughter ] and i'm like, "wow, that was your jam." [ laughter ] >> seth: you got my jam wrong. i'm happy to say -- my homeroom when i was in high school was "227." and we sang the "227" theme song every single day when we walked in the class. >> wow, i wouldn't have guessed that. i would have named three or four before that one. [ laughter ] >> seth: i'm a "227" head. that's the truth. >> very cool. >> seth: a very cool show as well is "the leftovers." this is season 2 of the show. they sort of changed the location, a good amount of the cast. this is a show about 2% of the population mysteriously disappears. tell me about season 2 and your character. >> so season 2 takes about two years after we've left season 1. and the garvey's moved to a town where nobody disappeared in this town. and in t whole entire world,
12:18 am
this is the only town that there was -- the departure didn't take place. as you can imagine, a town like that has all this mystery surrounding it. we feel like we're kind of special in jarden, texas. miracle, texas is what it's been deemed because there is a whole museum about this town. and the garvey's come and more crap goes down. >> seth: all right. so this is good to tune in this season if you want to see crap go down. >> if you want your mind blown, yes, tune in. >> seth: "american crime" a real crap goes down as well, and this is sort of a fascinating approach to the second season of that, which is a lot of the cast is coming back with completely different stories. they're playing different characters? >> yeah, you know, it's very cool. it's almost like a theater group. we're doing our fall production now. it's a total new story. we're set in indianapolis. we look totalllldifferent. andre benjamin plays my husband.
12:19 am
that's kind of sexy. [ laughter ] >> seth: that is really sexy. well done. yeah, that is good. [ cheers ] >> and i'm this affluent woman in indianapolis. our family is a very successful family, and the crime in this season takes place around a sexual assault with two guys. >> seth: all right. >> and it's something that happens. and it's not talked about a lot. and once again, in john ridley's genius fashion, he's putting stuff out there for you to deal with. >> seth: so "american crime" and "the leftovers" are just a laugh a minute. these are two of the funniest shows on tv. >> i mean, you know, yes. >> seth: that's why i liked my "227." >> you could go to sleep with a smile. you know, they call "the leftovers" misery porn. >> seth: i bet it is. it does have some misery porn to it. well thank you so much for being here. i'm such a fan. >> thank you for having me. >eth: congratulations on your emmys. [ cheers and applause ] regina king, everybody. "the leftovers" air sunday nights at 9:00 on hbo. we'll be back with more
12:20 am
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[ cheers and a alause ] >> seth: welcome back k "late night." our next guest is a tv personality, author and former advertising ceo. the premiere of his new comedy series, "donny!" airs november 10ththt 10:30 pm on usa neneork. let't'take a look. >> what are you talking about? you sext? >> i don't sext. >> yeah, i do. i send them for you. >> wait, is that part of the job? >> no, i'm not a moron, okay? i will sometimes after a couple of dates with a nice lady might send a picture of myself with, like, a shirt off, but always covered, like the kind of picture you'd see on the beach. >> post swimming? that kind? >> yes. this is not a sext. come here, come here. look at it. [ laughter ] i got a towel on. it's not funny.
12:25 am
that is totally a sext. >> seth: please welcome to the show, donny deutsch. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: how are you? >> james bond, donnynyeutsch. >> seth: there you g g you know what we're going to do today? we're going to flip it. after the day, donny's on top james bond's in the gutter. >> thanks for having me. >> seth: of course. this is your new show, "donny," with an n clamation point. right off the bat, were you bummed out when jeb bush's campaign also had an exclamation point? kind of, like, fully crashed. did you feel like at was a bad signal? >> look at it this way. there is only so much room for so many exclamation points. so i kinda see this good attrition. >> seth: sure. oh, right. >> and now there's one exclamation point standing. >> seth: you're the last exclamation point standi. so this is -- based on your life. you play yourself.
12:26 am
yes. >> i play a highly idiotic version of myself. which wasn't much of a stretch. >> seth: okay, got it. because you had a long career in the ad business. >> yes. >> seth: so what w w the catalyst for taking your career and your persona and creating this show? >> it's interesting. i spent a lot of years in advertising and then for a bunch of years, had a talk show on cnbc. and i'm always on "morning joe." and, you know, i met so many people, as you have, so many celebrities and public personas who basically have this loving character on camera. you meet them off camera and you're like, "this guy is a real jerk." and so i thought i would play with that. and in the show, i have a day-time talk show, like a dr. phil-type show called "donny," where, on the show, i give people wonderful, loving advice, and off the show i'm a complete jerk, doing all the things i'm telling people not to dodoa hypocrite, and stumbling my way through. >> seth: you have a lot of cameos on the show, a lot of the people that obviously, you mentioned you became friends with over the years. were these people who have known you from your other life, were they surprised to hear you were doing a comedy show? >> yeah, everybody was like,
12:27 am
a show on the air?" no, usa people love the show. but everybody from kathie lee and hoda and matt lauer and regis philbin and martha stewart and billy bush and maria menounos and nick and joe all play themselves. i come on their show. there was one show we reached out to -- i come on as a fake character on hoda and kathie lee. there was one show we reached out to, "t"t seth meyers show" that turned us down. >> seth: yes, i said yes to deutsch, but i turned down "donny." [ laughter ] i did a different show. >> so they show up, and it's just a lot of fun.n. everyone comes to play. it's a real takedown on the media. >> seth: true story you use your own apartment? >> yes. the only thing real in the show is we filmed it at a very nice townhouse in manhattan. we use that as a backdrop. [ laughter and applause ] and, you know, so -- but nothing else is real. in real life, i have three daughters. and on the show, i have a a 12-year-old -- 15-year-old
12:28 am
tap-dancing son. and what is true to real life though is in real life i'm surrounded by incredibly powerful women. my old agency was all run by women. in my personal life, i have these amazing women. i have this great, strong mother. i have these great besesfriends. i actually think women are superior to men. show. [ cheers and applause ] it's absolutely true. and in the show, i'm the idiot. i'm the butt of the joke, and all these incredible women somehow get behind me and save me. and it's dumb donny, smart women, and that's pretty much the formula. >> seth: we obviously have a fascinating campaign going on. a fascinating presidential race. and you have sort of a personal connection with a few -- you worked on the clinton campaign in '92. bill clinton's campaign, which is fascinating. a fascinating time in politics. >> yes, very cool. >> seth: and you also were on "t"t apprentice" and worord with donald trump. >> and i know trump very well. >> seth: so tell me what -- [ laughter ] >> time to move to canada.
12:29 am
no. let me tell you about trump. whether you like trump or not, he's great for the race because he's shining a light. it's like basically throwing a hand grenade in there, and let's see what happens. and i think any time you bring more atttttion -- >> seth: usually the people in a place where a grenade gets thrown, they'll say, "you know what? i like him." >> no, but it brings attention to him. >> seth: i'm not complaining, i've had nothing but fun. >> and hillary early on, i do a lot of political commentary on "morning joe." i said, "america is tired. they want to turn the page." but i think that the more -- i liken her to "law & orde" look it's been on all this time. rave at somethininelse. i think people are changing the dialect -- "maybe 'law & order' is not so bad. i'll take one more season of 'law & order.'" [ laughter ] what america wants to see, actually, is trump versus hihiary. that's the reality show we want to see. and i somehow think that's going to happen. i believe -- i actually believe trump is going to get the nomination. as bizarre athat is. >> seth: i've been wrong at
12:30 am
every turn witittrump. thought he was pretend running. i never thought he would file. and so you say that, which i would have laughed at that -- i don't know now if that's that outside the realm ofof possibility. >> i actually think k who else is it going to be? >> seth: well that's the thing. >> and i think there is a difference -- i think the same way -- i don't think he really wants to be president. he just wants to run. i think america wants to see him run. i don't think they'll actually elect him. but i want to see this show. [ laughter ] >> seth: i do think there is a chance. [ applause ] it would be the first -- inauguration where you hear him y his mic would be hot and he would go, "four years." and like, "what? "i don't want t do this for four years." >> i actually asked him both personally and on the air. i said to him, i said, "donald, look, you love to chase. i know you want to win. but do you actually want the this job?" and he did not answer me. because i think, you can't fire congress and 99% of what you do sucks. and he's not used to doing stuff that sucks. you know?
12:31 am
[ light laughter ] >> seth: i was -- i do want to finish with this. because you know, you're on -- obviously on camera playing a character -- donny deutsch was on tv. i guess it was probably one of the first times you were on tv. you were on "the match game." and what year is this? >> actually, this year is 1980. >> seth: 1980? >> this is true. i was on "the match game." >> seth: let's look at a clip. very exciting. >> have the children turn away. >> what answer would you like to give us to match betty white? >> situation comedy. [ cheers and applause ] >> for $5,000, betty, what do you say? >> s suation normal, all fouled up. that ain't it. comedy! [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: betty white looks exactly the same, and you u not. [ laughter ] ] >> yeah. >> seth: you do not look exactly the same. >> i had the epstein from
12:32 am
"welcome back kotter." and then betty and i went out afterwards and it was crazy. >> seth: yououpent every dime of that $5,000. >> by the way, $5,000 is a lot of money, today. back then, i was trump. >> seth: thanks so much for being here. >> i really appreciate it. thanks, buddy. >> seth: donny deutsch. check out the series premier of "donny!" november 10th at 10:30 pm on usa network.
12:33 am
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